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About Us

At Rams Solar we believe we have the perfect business model. Small company service with the clout and buying power of not 1 but 2 of the country’s largest installers as our install partners. Why is this import? You receive the one on one service from a small company with the best pricing in the industry which
means nobody can compete with our price…nobody. We don’t sell solar. We help people discover if solar is right for them. We already know it saves you money if your house qualifies. What we don’t know is your situation, your future plans and your future energy usage. Our consultation process draws this information out of you so we can figure out if now is
the right time for you to invest in clean, renewable solar energy. If it isn’t, we will help you discover that…its our job and our commitment.
Total transparency! At Rams Solar transparency is essential in every interaction which is why we don’t have a sales process…we have a consultation process to determine if solar is right for you.

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