Our Process

Our Process

Helping you discover if Going Solar is right for you

Get Qualified

Step 1

Discovery call

We want to know all you about you and your wishes and desires for going solar. If you want a proposal we need the last 12 months of utility usage so we can design the most accurate system for your energy usage. If you don’t have 12 months of bills we have other ways to determine your PV array size.

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Step 2

System design

Our system designers give you the best quality system at the price the you can afford. You have full control over where the equipment is located, and what equipment/brands you want to include.

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Step 3


Our professional installers will build your system with professional workmanship and a focus on timelines. We will be mindful of your schedule and keep you involved in the process.

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Alert Notifications

Our apps give you a notification any time something goes wrong with your solar array.

Monthly Reviews

Monitor your system on a monthly basis to see which months are generating the most energy.

Real-Time Energy Reading

Our monitoring apps give you real time information on what your system is producing. Keep in touch from wherever you’re at.

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